Commercial Customers

2023 Smart Utility Check-Up Program


Save money on overhead costs through one year of free monthly utility assessments for your commercial building! 

The 2023 Smart Utility Check-up Program provides one year of free professional water, electricity, and gas utility assessments to the first 50 qualifying City of Houston commercial water customers. Each assessment includes data analysis on utility use and a monthly break-down of cost and consumption patterns. Recommended practices, guidance on potential cost savings and rebate assistance are included in this program. 

Why should my building participate? 

This program can find inefficiencies in your building’s water consumption, energy, and natural gas use. Identifying these areas can reduce your overhead cost, saving you money. Past participants have saved millions of gallons of water and tens of thousands of dollars in overhead costs in less than one year. Results will vary site to site and are also dependent on implementing recommendations. 

Who provides these assessments? 

Imperial Utilities & Sustainability, Inc. will provide monthly water and utility assessments for the first 50 qualifying commercial water customers. Unless otherwise indicated, one business can receive up to five building assessments within the calendar year. 

  • In order to participate, applicant must meet the following qualifications: 
  • Be a Houston commercial water customer 
  • Own or manage a building at least 40,000 square feet in size or have a cooling tower 
  • Be fully operational for at least two years (COH bills will be used for verification) 
  • Be a building owner or an authorized agent of: 
    • Government entity 
    • Commercial customer 
    • Non-profit customer 
    • Education institution 
    • A multi-family customer 
  • Have an individual meter or sub-meter 
  • Central plant operators may not service multiple customers 
  • Supply 24 months of water bills within first month of participation

Submit an application today! Deadline for applications is set for January 31, 2023. For questions, contact [email protected]