Transportation Programs

Traffic Signals

Designs & constructs traffic signals, installs new traffic signals, and/or modifies and upgrades existing traffic signal systems.

Intersection Safety

Facilitates the design and construction of intersection safety improvements. This can include pedestrian corridor reconfigurations, modifications, as well as sign and/or pavement marking improvements.

Active Transportation

Sidewalks – Facilitates the design and construction of new sidewalks and ramps along streets leading to schools, major thoroughfares, and along identified accessibility routes. The sidewalks program, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, receives and review applications through the Pedestrian Accessibility Review (PAR) Program. The Pedestrian Accessibility Program seeks to improve accessibility to sidewalks and ramps for people with disabilities.

Bikeways – Facilitates the design and construction of bikeways. This includes bike lane improvements, signage, pavement markings and modifying the roadway to accommodate bike lane facilities.

Intelligent Transportation Systems –The integration of advanced technologies into transportation infrastructure to improve safety, efficiency, and mobility. This team oversees the planning, design, construction, and integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems projects. These include Bluetooth devices, Ethernet switches / routers, fiber optic cables, CCTV cameras, mid-block counters, Dynamic Messaging Signs, enhanced detection devices, and more. Utilization of Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies help cut down delays and stops at intersections, controlling speeds and reducing travel time.

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